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STU Univerzitný vedecký park STU Bratislava

CAMBO TRNAVA, Ústav výskumu progresívnych technológií


ATRI is the first and main institute at the University Science Park (Faculty of Materials Science and Technology in Trnava, Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava), having a team of the excelent researches, engineers, PhD candidates and junior researchers treaining program. ATRI is focused on Materials Engineering in the field of ion and plasma Technologies, Physics, Astrophysics, Chemistry, Automation and ICT implementation in industrial processes or research field at all, e.g.: nanotechnology and nanostructures, sensorics, specific hardware & software development, bioengineering and health, big data, software engineering, calculations, simulation and modeling. The area of Materials research will include theoretical modeling using ab-initio methods, either at very accurate level treating small systems at the molecular scale, or DFT methods concerning bulk materials and surfaces. The area of Automation and ICT implementation will also provide space for research and development in a wide range of hardware, communication and management of automated software tools, knowledge based systems, archiving and distribution of knowledge to higher-level systems.

ATRI comprises of two new buildings for the purposes of research, located in the campus. ATRI research centres:

  • Scientific centre of materials research with laboratories focused on:ion beam technologies, plasmatic modification and deposition, analytical methods, computational modeling, physics, astrophysics, chemistry.
  • Scientific centre of automation and ICT implementation in production processes and related laboratories, comprised of the: control systems, ICIM, information integration and control systems, artificial intelligence, bioengineering, medicine/health etc.

ATRI has several laboratories in mentioned scientific centres, which are listed below.